Boot runner won't run!


It should not affect it at all. Very strange.



The problem here is multi point I think.

  1. Boot Runner is not a boot picker, it’s a rebooter. If you want a boot picker try rEFInd. That gives you the option at boot time which OS you want. Boot Runner is just a utility running in the MacOS that allows you to reboot to Windows so a user can do this without admin rights to the startup disk preferences, or needing to know the OF password on a secured system.
  2. Boot Runner does not set the MacOS as the boot partition when it’s installed. Given this is a requirement for it to be operational, that would be good to address.


Good points. Thanks.



osx mac latest version is not compatible with windows boot runner , so it seems it wont be working for you,.


Boot Runner 3 works fine with Mojave (10.14).