Bootcam clone on Catalina

i recently purchased you software to backup and restore Bootcamp partition on my Macbook air 2017.

i am getting inaccessible device after restoring the partition on the new ssd drive.

i have followed instructions to inject drivers after you see this message, but i still keep getting this message.

is there a particular set of instructions for Macbook air running Catalina?

The new SSD may require a different driver. Is it a 3rd party SSD? What brand?


going from mac origianl 128GB to Crutial 512GB SSD

Search the forums for “crucial” and you see that there are other folks having the same issue. There is something about crucial SSDs booting Boot Camp.


I just discovered that it WILL Boot in safe mode and safe mode with networking

Also if i do a fresh install of Bootcamp Windows 10, it will boot just fine on the Crucial SSD

Once I found out that i can actually get into safe mode, the rest was simple to diagnose.

It was getting BSOD with Windows updates. went to settings, uninstalled the last windows update and rebooted. all is well now. spent 6hrs on this on Sunday. and this morning.

So the inaccessible device error was actually misleading.

One of the first thing you should tell people is to see if they can get into safe mode after getting the inaccessible device error.

that is great information! sorry it was so painful to get the solution but i am sure it will be helpful to others. so it was completely unrelated to the migration? why didn’t the original drive have a BSOD?

i may have had to do the crazy injection of drivers bit but the last error message, even though the syntax was the same, was unrelated to the migration. My guess is the when i cloned it, it was in the middle of the update (ie. installed but not rebooted)

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I had the same issues when installing a 2T drive. Even after the driver injection method the issue remained… what I ended up doing was removing any partitions and installing OSX then going through the normal bootcamp install. Once complete I restored the backup over the new bootcamp install and everything worked properly.

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