Bootcamp Clone Failure

“Restore Error WIM-based device to device restore failure with error code 65”

Error Cloning Error: There was an error while file imaging. Please check the volume and try again.

Winclone Standard

I have working continuously for two days trying to move my Bootcamp installation from a Mac Mini to a new Mac Pro. I have tried everything. “Volume to Volume Cloning” and “Create Image from Volume.” Finally, I tried the chkdsk thing and now Windows 10 won’t run anymore.

Does this program work for anyone or I have been suckered?

By the way, I have been using Macs for 28 years, so I am not a novice.

Sorry you are having problems. Winclone does work well, but sometimes Windows can have boot issues depending on the hardware. The Mac Pro is a very different piece of hardware from the Mac Mini, so I would recommend sysprep’ing the source machine prior to migration. Here is more instructions:


As I said in my previous message Windows 10 won’t run anymore.

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