Bootcamp disk with alt startup shows apple logo?


Today i transferred (clone) my original bootcamp partition (184 GB) via an external enclosure to my upgraded internal SSD (Aura X2). It took several hours but it was executed well and without errors.

Now when i startup the mac with the option key (to select for which to boot, which i do every day) and choose “Windows” it shows the apple logo (like when i select to boot from the partition that contains OSX).

In first instance i saw " EFI Windows" which was unfamiliar to me, then i searched and disabled SIP as instructed on the twocanoes website. After that i put the bootcamp disk in " Legacy mode" which resulted in my familiar bootscreen “Windows” (instead of “EFI Windows”) and Macintosh HD. So everything looks normal but when i select “Windows” to startup it shows an apple logo and the progressbar stays empty. For some reason it points to the wrong partition? I already reset the NVRAM which could have been an issue, according to some forums.

I hope you can help, i need my windows environment tomorrow and before cloning/imaging 184GB again it might be a simple solution…

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Rein

Did you select “EFI” when it showed that option? We have found little correlation between if it shows “Windows” or “EFI”. Try selecting EFI and see if it boots.

We have also seen issues with the OWC SSD’s booting Windows. I believe they have a utility that helps resolves issues with Boot Camp booting.

Hello Tperfitt,

Thanks for your answer.

Now i have “Windows”, " EFI Boot" and “Mac HD” as boot options when i press ALT.

Both, Windows and EFI boot give a blue screen when i press them (not an error screen or screen of death, just a blue background…with nothing happening further).

I have installed the dual boot enabler from OWC. But if i need to reinstall Windows then this means that Winclone cannot do the job for me? I placed the new SSD in my macbook pro (late 2013), put the original in the OWC enclosure, started the Macbook with the
new (empty) SSD in the mac recovery mode, put back MacOS from my time machine backup. Then i repartitioned and created a MS-DOS partition so that winclone could see a “proper” partition for windows. Then i performed a volume-to-volume clone which gives no
errors. I guess something is not updated (MBR?) or path directions are not correct. Do you have any clue? It would be very unsatisfying if i press ALT and the mac “sees” the Windows partition but then not boot. Is there a tool that just “fix” (reassign) and
check all parameters that are necessary to start Windows?

I hope you can help. Many thanks in advance.

Have you been able to resolve the issue? I have the same problem!