Bootcamp drivers not installing

I upgraded from a 2011 MacBook Pro running a 2015 version of bootcamp (that’s when bootcamp was installed) to a 2018 MacBook Pro. After having to deal with some issues using Winclone to transfer the boot camp from the 2011 MacBook Pro to the 2018 MacBook Pro, I am having another issue.

When trying to re-install the bootcamp drivers into bootcamp, I receive an error message indicating that Boot Camp is unsupported on this computer model - even though I am using bootcamp for Windows 10.

  1. How is this possible?

  2. I want to ensure that the bootcamp installation that I made on the new 2018 MacBook Pro using bootcamp assistant, and then Winclone to copy over the bootcamp from the 2011 MacBook Pro is a current and proper version of bootcamp.
    Is there any way to ensure this using Winclone, so that future upgrades to bootcamp are properly reflected in the Winclone copy from an old computer?

  3. My MacBook Pro 2018 runs with high fan speed in bootcamp when I believe it should not, so to fix this I am trying to re-install the drivers, which I have done by using the cmd.exe command; but I still believe the high speed fan is related to the Winclone installation which believes that I am using some sort of old device instead of a brand new MacBook Pro 2018.

Are you downloading the drivers from inside Boot Camp Assistant on the new 2018 Mac? Those will be the correct drivers. You can download them from the Action menu in Boot Camp Assistant.


Yes, I am downloading the drivers from within boot camp assistant. Any ideas?

Those would definitely be the correct drivers.

Is anyone noticing their machine fan is running higher?