Bootcamp Image not expanding into a new larger Partition

Upgraded my hard drive from a 500G to 1 T SSD.
Both are partitioned with one half Windows/Bootcamp and one half OS X.

I purchased Winclone 9 a few days ago and downloaded Winclone 5 for
my system combination. (Yosemite/Windows 7)

I created my partitions using the OS X Disk Utility.
The Bootcamp Winclone image installed with no errors.
Both operating systems boot correctly with no issues. ( so far)

I noticed on the new Windows partition it does not show the correct total size.
The OS X Disk Utility clearly shows two 500 GB partitions. But Bootcamp is only showing the size of the partition on the old drive.)
Images hopefully attached…

For some reason the filesystem did not expand. You should be able to use the Tools->Expand NTFS filesystem… option to resolve this.


I tried expanding with that tool but received the error shown on the attached image.
Prior to making my Winclone image, I did a chkdsk /r on my old drive to clean up any issues.
The Winclone image was created indicating no errors. It also restored with no errors.
I did a chkdsk /f on the bootcamp image after receiving this error message (trying to expand) and it also shows no errors.
Again both operating systems are were working fine.
It’s just Windows is not showing the correct partition size.
Any suggestions are appreciated…

One additional image…

There is probably disk related errors. Try running chkdsk /b in Windows and rebooting twice, then make sure you shutdown completely (not hibernate).


Yes, I figured this out last week but did not get a chance to post the results…

My original hard drive was failing and I did a chkdsk /r before I made the Winclone
Image. After restoring the image to my new SSD I did a chkdsk /f. Both operating systems
were working ok but as stated, the Bootcamp image did not show the correct free space and
size of the new partiation. The Winclone expand tool would not complete indicating errors.

In looking at Microsoft’s web page and their definitions of the various chkdsk parameters,
I noticed the suggested use of chkdsk /b for new images:

“Use with NTFS only. Clears the list of bad clusters on the volume
and rescans all allocated and free clusters for errors. /b includes
the functionality of /r. Use this parameter after imaging a volume to a new hard disk drive.”

I ran chkdsk /b and it “removed 431 clusters from the Bad Clusters File.”
I then went back to the OS X side, ran Winclone and the expand tool worked sucessfully.

I now show the correct size and free space.

Maybe this will help others still working with old combinations:
Macbook Pro mid 2012, Yosemite, Windows 7 with Winclone 5.


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