Bootcamp Migration not as easy as implied

I am trying to migrate my Bootcamp partition from a stock, late 2013 MacBook Pro to a larger OWC SSD installed in the same machine. I did a fresh install of Mojave and restored my MacOS with TimeMachine but after creating a new partition and and both trying to clone the original Bootcamp drive as well as restoring an image of the drive, the Windows system fails to boot.

The closest that I have been able to come is selecting the EFI Boot drive in the boot loader and watching as the Windows boot screen appears and then disappears, followed by the laptop rebooting again.

I realize that trying to restore a bootcamp partition can be an intricate process, however, this is slightly more involved than anything in twocanoes documentation or instructional videos.

It can indeed be involved. If you would like a refund, click on the refund link in the footer on our website.


I would like to be able to maintain the integrity of my bootcamp part on so I do not need to reload my preexisting programs. I am trying again to restore my original image. I could not run sysprep successfully due to an issue of some kind with miracastview.

Right now my screen has frozen as the current image is being reapplied after the screen spent the better part of several minutes flashing. Perhaps that is a hardware issue though.

If product support is only available through your forum andI have to wait a day at a time to get a response I may have to give up and opt for a clean install of windows if I cannot get a clone up and running by the end of the day.

Any help is appreciated.

Would You Consider Making A Set By Step Video Guide I Had The same Problem was Able To make It Wok Kind Of But Lost all My apps And data So I reinstalled Every Thing That would Be Very Helpful Thank You