Bootcamp migration with Winclone

I tried to do a bootcamp migration from my Macbook Pro Retina 13" late 2013 to my new Macbook Pro Retina 15" 2017 and I’m running OSX High Sierra:

  • I’m unable to boot windows because it brings me only to Machintosh HD instead to show also Bootcamp or Windows when I click option at the start.
  • I followed this tutorial to the point number 31 then I’m unable to do anything.
  • I run SysPrep before to make an image and I have already downloaded the windows support drivers from Bootcamp Assistant.

Someone can help me?

Tried to choose “Make EFI Bootable”, so bootcamp partition appeared at the restart, but after a blue screen comes and Mac shuts down after few seconds.

Also this tutorial is not helpful since prior to make an image i runned SysPrep on my original Windows installation.
I tried also to reset the PRAM, but it didn’t work.
My installation is running on Windows 7.

I think the issue is Windows 7. It isn’t supported on that hardware: