Bootcamp on External Drive Procedure?

I read and read and read…and tried and tried and tried…
“Everybody” talks about it, there are videos, but where is a procedure which works?

Is there a simple and straight forward procedure which works without any tricks, register changes, etc.??

Searching in the forum there is
in “How to migrate bootcamp to an external drive”
a recommended referene to

Looking this up, you find there following question:
“Can I install Windows on an external drive?”
and the Apple answer is
“No, Boot Camp requires that Windows be installed on your internal hard disk”.
Have bootcamp running on my MacBookPro from the Internal HD.
Because of lack of space, I would like to move to an external drive,
by copying the existing Winclone 6 back-up to a proper partition on this drive.

If this is resolved in another discussion, please let me know.

It is highly dependent on which version of Windows, what Mac hardware, which macOS (since firmware updates are applied when updating the mac version), why type of external disk and how you are connecting it. There is no clear answer, which you found out in your research. We do offer a refund of Winclone if it doesn’t work, so I recommend you buy Winclone standard, save an image, restore to the external drive and try booting from it. If it works, great! If not, get a refund.


Hi Tim,

thanks for this insight.
I have a license for Winclone 6 Standard
and thats the version I used up to now…

What do I do next?

Thanks for the interesting info.
My case W7 on external drive I could not get it to work.

Thanks for letting us know and let me know if you want a refund.


Tim, Thanks for the offer.
I guess it is a great program, i.e. I do not give up for the moment.
I have a new issue open with Winclone.
I cleaned my internal SSD. Created the partition moved with Winclone 6 to the Bootcamp partition of my MacBookPro 2012 Retina.
Winclone 6 seems to run ok.
The partition with Windows 7 is recognised when starting the computer.
But Windows 7 crashes at startup, as I have mentioned in another thread.

As I do not give up, I tried again.
The partition on the external drive looks good.
All files are there.
Windows is recognised and starts…
Buuuuuuuut crashes with the blue error screen at the end.

Let me know if you want a refund. I am going to start a chart with all the Macs we have tested with the version of Windows and the type of external drives tested. I think that will help folks assess with the external drive migration.


I see i already offered a refund, so I apologize for being repetitive.


Hi Tim,

really appreciate the offer. I am not at that door yet.

The chart is a great idea.

As a loyal user, I do not give up for the moment.

I bought even now version 7, as I thought that I can try to „move“ with a package.

Learned that the feature is not available on standard.

So again no progress on my side.

I do not give up.

I (think) need to continue with W7 (because of my Corel Draw version) and have the 32 bit version.

Guess I am in my own way.

I am working on creating a bootcamp from scratch on the newer computer.

Have to see what I do with all the applications, as I do not want to buy new (expensive) versions.

Beste Grüße

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