Bootcamp on Plugable 2TB TB3 SSD

From Plugable FAQ
“# Is the Thunderbolt 3 NVMe SSD compatible with Boot Camp?

Last Update: August 13th, 2020
Article ID: 624675

Boot Camp with Windows 10 (version 1809 and up) is supported.”

I purchased Winclone 10 STD.

I successfully set up a Win 10 PRO bootcamp partition
Used Winclone to Image it.
I partitioned the 2TB Plugable into 1TB Mac storage and 1TB Windows exfat.
I Used Winclone to restore the bootcamp image to the ssd partition.

On attempting to boot to it, I get Windows logo for 30s followed by spinning circle for 15-20sec, then a unexpected reboot and it boots into the Mac ssd bootcamp. (Not the Plugable one)
If I try a second time I get same result.
Third time I get a generic boot failure message thats unspecific.
Also tried quick install, direct to clean exfat partition on Plugable SSD with same results exactly.
What an I doing wrong, been at this for 3 days :frowning:

We don’t have a Mac Pro with an NVMe SSD to test on so not sure how to advise. Turn on safe boot and/or boot logging in windows and see if you can narrow down why booting is failing. If you want a refund, please click here: Refunds – Twocanoes Software



Thanks for the response.

I had also contacted pluggable and got the polite version of we mean it will work as a storage device when connected to a bootcamp install, not you can install bootcamp on it. The think it could be a driver problem, but can’t help as its “unsupported” use.

Appreciate the offer of a refund, but no, ill keep it. Not the first version I’ve had a licence for, it’s handy to have in my box of tricks.

For now, I have used a small bootcamp partition on the mac ssd and I’ll install the programs to the pluggable.