Bootcamp wont boot

Dear Support-Team,

I changed the SSD in a MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013. I first created the Image (OSX Mavericks) by using Winclone 5.
After I installed the new SSD set up with OSX El Capitan. I restored the Winclone image to my new bootcamp partition (GPT) the windows OS was not able to boot. There appeared just the blue-screen message “windows ran into a problem” the collection of mistakes is not even to progress and remains at 0%.
I tried to use the startup repair but after a few seconds there is just written that the problem could not be solved.

How could I fix this problem?

Thank you in advance

Please verify that SIP was disabled when you restored. It could be preventing updating the boot partition.


Hi Tim,

yes I have disabled the SIP before I started the restoration.

Thank you for your help