Booting into Mac Recovery Partition

Hello! New user! Please be merciful!

I got Boot Runner because I’d purchased a Radeon RX 580 for my Mac Pro 5,1 (currently on 10.12.6 but headed towards 10.14) and I’d be told I’d be missing the boot rom and ability to use startup keys (Recovery Partition, zap PRAM, selecting the start-up drive by option, etc.). Is there a way to program those options into Bootcamp if the startup keys don’t work?

So I set up Boot Runner with my drives with Mac OS system software (main and backup) plus the Recovery Partitions on each. There may be a Boot Camp partition of Windows 10 in the near future. Once I disabled SIP, I was able to select the recovery partitions from Boot Camp, but each time it restarted, without me touching the keyboard, it went to the startup disc selection in the system preferences of my main Mac OS system software drive. How do I fix this?

Also, how do I see the Boot Runner selection screen without restarting the computer?

Finally, the program seems to hang (getting the multicolor ball) for about 30 seconds during the 30 second countdown to automatically selecting my main Mac OS drive. Why is that happening and how do I stop it?

Many thanks for responses in advance! Grateful newbie!

It sounds like it is booting to recovery. What volume are you selecting?

Go to the Apple and select Logout.

that is strange. I have not seen that before. Can you send me the log?

See “Logging Options” here: