Booting to blank screen with cursor


I just installed a SSD in my mid-2012 MacBook Pro. I used Winclone (Basic) to backup the Bootcamp partition, and then restored it (after much effort disabling SIP) with Winclone. When I’m in macOS (Sierra), I can see the partition and it’s called “BOOTCAMP”. However, when I choose that drive to reboot using Startup Disk, instead of a hard drive icon, it has a folder icon. Then when I reboot, I get a black screen with a blinking cursor. I’m able to use a program called Bootchamp to boot into Windows, but when I do, the sound doesn’t work on Windows (which is key since I use the Windows side to run a karaoke night!) I also tried holding down the Option key on boot to choose the startup disk, and there’s no Bootcamp choice, but one that says “EFI_BOOT”.

Any ideas?

It sounds like you need to switch to legacy booting:


That did the trick! Thank you!!!

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Thanks for letting me know. Can you let me know what model identifier you have? Is it in this list?


Sorry for the late reply! The identifier is MacBookPro9,2.

Thanks for the info.