BootRunner App not showing


I’m a long time BootRunner user and i bought BootRunner a few time, was never able to do an upgrade maybe that’s not an option . I deleted BootRunner when i was testing Mojave beta on my iMac because it was looking messed up on the startup screen . I guess because it was not updated for Mojave as yet .

Today i decided to check your website to see if BootRunner was was updated for Mojave and it was . I decided to do the Trial just to test it out . I installed the app, did the License which links were sent to me via email . . All went well, i’m now running BootRunner after setting up profile .

My main reason for writing is i cannot find the boot runner app on my Mac and i can’t find a way to purchase the software via the Trial . The app is not in System settings nor Applications folder . Is that app not available when the trial version is been used ?. I like having BootRunner in my notification bar so i can easily switch . How do i Purchase the full version, do i have to go back to the website and start with the Paid version ?.


Glad it is working out and you like the updated version. To purchase, head over to and purchase it (or buy via and get your upgrade discount). For your reference, this article covers where the files are:

(you don’t need to do anything with those files, but figured you were curious as to where there were).



Thanks i bought it yesterday . I just click on the License for the one i bought and it was installed . Is that ok or i have to install everything all over again to get the paid version activated ?.


You should be fine now. the only difference is the license file. the software is the same.



/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/Boot (macOS Mojave 10.14.1)