Bootrunner Doesn't Start


I’ve looked through the various forum posts and the guides and I think I’ve followed the various steps to get Bootrunner to start.

-Downloaded and Installed
-Installed License
-cmutil disable from the recovery console terminal as I’m using a windows partition too
-created profile + installed
-no filefault, disabled automatic login

running an updated version of OS 10.11.16

Bootrunner won’t show when starting the computer or once I log in and out

Bootrunner starts when I manually launch the program within library/privlegedhelpertools/ but is slow to appear and unexpectedly quits without error (as this isn’t how it’s intended to be launched I’m not certain if this is an actual crash or just the program exiting since it was started by a logged-in user).

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to get this lab up and running and bootrunner is definitely needed!


Is it boot runner 2 or Boot Runner 3? Not sure if Boot Runner 3 supports 10.11.


It’s bootrunner 3 … I thought it said it was compatible. If not, where is bootrunner 2 available?

If you buy Boot Runner 3, you can get access to Boot Runner 2. If it doesn’t work, you can get a refund.


I’d like to do that, but I’m in a lab situation in a school. Purchases are handled through POs and refunds are difficult to process. Can I demo Bootrunner 2 somehow?

sure. Please send a request to: