Bootrunner without bootscreen

I am about to install an AMD RX580 graphics card in my mac pro 5.1. This won t give me a bootscreen so I won t be able to choose the startup disk using the option key.
When should i start to use bootrunner? Should I install it before or after installing the new graphics card?
Will boot runner allow me to switch form mac os to my bootcamp windows 10 partition even when my graphics card does not show me a bootscreen with the apple logo( or start up disk with the option key ) ?

Boot Runner runs over the macOS login screen, so you can install it at any point. It doesn’t run in EFI firmware, but over macOS login window.


Hi Tim

i just purchased bootrunner. Installed and authorised it.
I just realised that I do not have a recovery partition of my high sierra system so I can not do the terminal step yet to finalize installation of bootrunner.

I decided to make a clone using carbon copy cloner and create a recovery partition on the clone with carbon copy cloner. When i start my mac normally without command R pressed I log into my account from the bootrunner start-up screen. Then I want to do my carbon copy clone.
After making the clone of my system I want do the postponed terminal step for Bootrunner ( on the recovery partition made by carbon copy cloner)

Is this a good approach?

kind regards

Made the ccc clone but it looks like carbon copy cloner does not make a recoverypartition with high sierra. I read that high sierra does not create a recovery partition anymore. It seems that there is one in high sierra though but it is hidden?
How do I perform the terminal step to finalize the bootrunner setup without a visible recoverypartition like I had with sierra?

My windows system is not yet accesible from the bootrunner window. I assume this has to do with the terminal command that i did not yet perform?

Can you let me know what to do? I am out of ideas.

Nevermind. I just realized I had an old mavericks usb stick lying around.
I used that with command r to get in recovery mode,
Working great now. Thnx.

Great! Thanks for letting me know.