BSD during USB EFI Boot of Clone on T2 Mac mini

I just update to WinClone 8.1
This is a new late 2018 Mac mini with a minimal version of Windows 10 freshly installed on the internal SSD.
I created an external USB3 drive with HFS+ and exFAT partitions. Then reformated the HFS + to APFS and installed Mojave.
T2 Security boot has everything disabled for now.
I used Winclone 81. to create a file backup and then restored that to the exFAT on the external USB3 drive. The drive is an older SSD removed from a MacBook Pro in an OWC housing.
I can option boot to EFI and Windows started booting, but then ends in a BDS.

Any ideas of how to get this to work? If I download the beta 8.2, what driver would I inject for the USB?
– Harald

Good question I would love to get the answer to! :wink:

Winclone 8.2 injects drivers for the Apple SSD and keyboard/trackpad, but won’t be much help for the external drive I don’t suspect. Different combinations of hardware and external drives give different behavior, but as with all things Windows, is probably related to drivers. You can inject drivers with dism booted from a Windows boot USB drive, but you’ll need to know what drivers to inject. That is the part that is unknown.


Oh goodie. That looks like a time sink.

Would you expect the Startup Panel show the volume?

– Harald

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Yes, or at least when you hold down the option key when starting up.


Some OWC external cases will not show when you start boot manager (hold down option key on boot up).
According to OWC it is an issue with some Apple SSDs. I have never been able to identify a pattern or ssd type, it always seems so random.

Some tips. Boot into Boot Manager with a MacOS USB installer plugged in, then unplug OWC enclosure and plug back in. Wait about 15 seconds and the OWC enclosure normally appears. Works 9 out of 10 times.

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Got it working by running SYSPREP prior cloning.


I am gonna try this, really hope it works