Bug: Profiles preferences not saved

The profiles preferences (Workflow → Resources → Button near “Select Profile Folder”) configuring when exactly a profile should be installed (After macOS is installed Vs. When first user logs in) are not getting saved. Even after modifying the default settings and clicking OK, the settings go back to their defaults (After macOS is installed) right away.

That’s an important option. If the enrolment profile gets installed when the user is not logged in (default option), the MDM is then unable to push user-scoped profiles to the device. The only solution is remove the device from the MDM and perform the enrolment again when the user is logged in.

Can you reproduce?

  1. Open Workflow and go to Resources
  2. Select a folder with a bunch of profiles inside
  3. Move some profiles to “When first user logs in”
  4. Click OK to save
  5. Open workflow again

Settings are back to their defaults.

Thanks! Bugs can be filed on bitbucket. I filed yours here:

i would recommend creating an account and following the issue so you can test once it has been resolved.


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Hi Tim, many thanks for fixing this. I just had the chance to test this with the latest MDS version.

It seems to be working now as the preferences are correctly saved when setting things up in MDS. But it sadly doesn’t have the desired effect.

As mentioned above I use this to determine when the MDM enrollment profile should get installed — that is, after the first user logs in. That’s the only way to make sure that the user channel between device and MDM gets properly established so that the MDM is able to push user-scoped profiles to the device.

From what I observed yesterday that’s not what happens. The profile set to be installed after a login was actually installed right after the OS installation. The new MacBook popped up in my MDM before any user logged in, and the user channel was not properly established as a result. I had to remove the device from the MDM, log into the desired user, and re-enroll manually.

Are my expectations for this feature wrong or is there still a bug in there somewhere?