Building Workflow on T2 Mac Mini

Hi folks,

Has anyone tried building workflows with MDS on T2 Mac Mini or MacBook? The build was successful but when the image is executed on a client machine, the workflow just got stuck with no errors whatsoever until the terminal session just timeout! I have no problem using non-T2 computer, I wonder why and assume it may be related to T2 security chip.


MDS was created for the T2 macs and we do loads of testing on them, so it definitely works. There are mac model specific versions of 10.14.5, so make sure you are using 10.14.4 or the correct version of 10.14.5 (you can also download 10.14.5 from the mac you are installing to).

Yes, it definitely works on T2 macs. But what I was struggling with the mac where MDS is installed. If I install MDS on a T2 mac, then create a workflow that reinstall another mac, either non-T2 or T2, the workflow just got stuck. However, when MDS is installed on a non-T2 mac with same workflow, it works without any issues.

I suspect this may be related to the mac specific versions of 10.14.5. Once the next update happens, it should unify into a single macOS installer.