Can not Install macOS 10.14 from recovery 10.15


For mac mini 2018 need install macOS 10.14.
Run system in recovery mode (10.15.5).
Run /Volume/mds/run
Starting WF and stalled on “Preparing macOS install…”

When I used image with macOS 10.15 in Recovery 10.15 then alright.
When I used image with macOS 10.14 in Recovery 10.14 then also alright.

Can not install 10.14 in recovery 10.15 ?

There is a Mac Startup Key Combination that should accomplish what you want directly. Use the following:


This will reinstall the macOS that came with your Mac, or the closest version still available, which should be macOS 10.14 for the Mac mini 2018. In order for this to work, you need an internet connection.

Apple has the full directions for starting up in Recovery Mode at

The other way to install macOS 2014 would be to create a USB boot installer, as discussed by Apple at

One of these methods should allow you to install Mojave regardless of the version of your Recovery volume.

Good Luck.

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Shift-Option-⌘-R loading 10.15 runtime and MDS WF with installing 10.14 stalled.
Now we trying boot from extdrive/usb with 10.14.
Maybe we can collect information.

Later I will add more information.