Can restore a Win7 image, but not Win10 image

I am running Winclone 5.7.6. Yesterday I restored a Win7 image to Bootcamp to add in the latest Microsoft support. Today I tried to restore Win 10 32 bit images but got errors with both. The image I saved yesterday gave me a EFI load error that I was missing the EFI loader file \Windows\System32\winload.efi. When I tried to load an earlier backup of the same image, I got an invalid image error. The last time I got that error I was told to check the image package contents in Finder and see if it contained a boot.img.gz file. The contents of both images are the same. This image is a Win7 image that was upgraded to Win10 32 bit with the free upgrade to Win10 offering. Before I redo the Win7 to Win10 upgrade again, is there anything else I can look at. Also, I did look into the EFI issue and see that Win7 uses Legacy booting and Win10 uses EFI. A Twocanoes document implies that the boot method is automatically chosen Winclone. Under Tools are option s to make EFI and make Legacy bootable. How do these work and are they something I should try? Thank you

User error, I forgot to disable SIP before restoring Win 10 image.