Can Winclone restore a Boot Camp Windows 10 image to regular Windows?


I have an iMac 5K with a Boot Camp partition that has Windows 10 on it. My goal here is to create an image of said partition using Winclone and then use this image on the new Windows PC I am getting in a couple weeks. Will that work?


It is possible, though it is not supported and we haven’t done testing on it. That being said, if you run sysprep, set the PC to be EFI booting, and have a GUID Partition Table disk, it should work.


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I want to migrate Windows 10 Pro on a Boot Camp partition on my old MacBook Air to a normal new Wintel laptop using the image created with my Winclone 7 standard backup process. The aim is to prevent re-installing and re-licensing everything including Windows. (The difficult re-installing process is estimated to cost me 3 weeks of time!)

Any luck with your migration process? Would like to get feedback.

Windows detects changes in hardware and most likely require re-entering the license key. The process is usually pretty easy to re-enter or reactivate.


Hi, I’m interested in restore my winclone bootcamp backup in a pc. in order to do this I’ve to use a package? Or witch option do i need to use?