Cannot boot after migrating with new OWC SSD

Hello, I’m having trouble migrating my Windows 10 bootcamp from my old SSD (Apple 128Go) to my new AURA PRO X2 SSD (OWC 1To). It says “Your pc ran into a problem. Inaccessible Boot Device”.

I first made time machine image of my macOS, then a Winclone image of my Bootcamp partition, before removing the old SSD. Then I installed my new one and restored my Mojave. After that, I made a Bootcamp Assistant Partition with approximately same size as my previous Bootcamp (around 1Go of difference).

Everything went fine on the Winclone app, except when I tried to boot the windows bootcamp, it says the message I stated before in this message : “Your pc ran into a problem. Inaccessible Boot Device”. (with a blue screen)

Please help, that was the point of me getting the Winclone…

Ah, drive issues. It is most likely a mass storage driver missing. This article explains how to inject the drivers:


Hi there. I’m having the same issue. I went through the fix noted above, but am receiving an Error: 1812 when attempting the ‘dism /Image:D:\ /Add-Driver /driver:c:$WinPEDriver$ /recurse’ command. I made sure to check the drive IDs (c and d) and switched them as needed to the appropriate letters. Any thoughts?

Does it reference a log to check? The log usually gives more information.


Tim, I’ve run into the same problems with the same hardware, an OWC Aura Pro X2, and I’ve followed the steps to inject the drivers, but I’m still getting Inaccessible Boot Device. I’ve also tried installing OWC’s Boot Camp Enabler (despite being for older OWC SSDs) to no avail. Any suggestions?

I think it is related to how the drive presents itself to the Mac. I have not found a way around it (I purchased one but couldn’t get it to work).


Hi Tim, Just wondering if you have had any luck getting the OWC drive to work? I’m trying to migrate a clean install of Windows 10 and so far it’s pretty slow going.

The Mac hardware for the two machines is identical (Mac Pro (Late 2013)), except that the “template” machine on which the Winclone image was created is running OS X 10.11.6 (used Winclone 6 to make the image) and is still outfitted with the original SSD drive.

The receiving machine is running 10.13.6 and is using the OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD.

So far the migration is extremely slow. I’ve used Winclone in the past so anything over 4 hours seems very out of the ordinary. In my case I’ve let it run 24 hours and barely got up to an 8th of the way to the finish. I tried installing from the network (has worked in the past) and when that seemed too slow, tried installing from a USB with no improvement. I’m on my third attempt with the image copied directly to the OS X partition, but I’m not hopeful. FWIW, I’m using the block-based imaging.

As mentioned, I used Winclone 6 to make the image and am using Winclone 7 to restore it. I guess my question at this point is, am I wasting my time? based on your experience, am I doomed to fail because we’re using the OWC drives?

Thanks for any info/suggestions you can share!

I could never it to work (even with Boot Camp assistant). don’t want to say you are destined to fail since it seems possible and strange that it would not work. I am also hopeful that someone will eventually figure out the root cause.


Thanks for the reply, Tim. i need to correct my earlier message, this was an install on an Aura Pro X, not the X2.

In case it’s of any use, I let the third install run and it finally finished after about 36 hours.

For what it’s worth, I had to re-image the Boot Camp partition again, but rather than manually partition the drive via Disk Utility, I used the Boot Camp assistant instead. Prior to this, I wasn’t allowed to bless the Windows partition from within OS X, but now I can. Don’t know if that’s just a fluke or if it proves (to me, at least) that it’s better to partition from the Boot Camp assistant rather than do it manually via Disk Utility, but going this route I am now able to bless the Windows partition AND it took significantly less time to image the Boot Camp partition on the second try – maybe six hours compared to 36!

I am able to boot into Windows 10 now, but because the Aura Pro X is formatted with APFS, Windows can’t see it, so that’s my challenge now – restarting the computer back into OS X via Apple Remote Desktop.

Thanks for sharing. Good info. I had not heard of a OWC SSD working so it is good to know that Auto Pro X works. The not seeing APFS is a Boot Camp utility issue. Try re-installing the most recent from Apple.