Cannot boot into MacOS installer on external drive

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Hi Tim,

I’m trying to install Catalina off an external partitioned USB drive with the installer on. Boot Runner sees the APFS drive, but when I select it it restarts the machine and then I’m just presented with the same Boot Runner screen again and it won’t boot into the installer.

Do I need APFS BootRom support by installing this package?

Please help! I need to get Catalina on my Mac Pro 5,1 (mid 2012, 2 x 3.4GHZ) asap for work and am using the dosdude1 Catalina patcher to do it…

…I just can’t boot into the installer.

I have just tried putting my old graphic card in the machine to hold ALT to show the drives but that does not work any longer as I guess an issue as I upgraded my system with a new motherboard too, and had to do a firmware update to install High Sierra natively if I fully recall.



Got Catalina installed by doing it direct rather than from external HD, however now I have no signal hdmi-hdmi for my graphic card. Help!

Fixed it with several graphic card swaps back and forth and forcing SIP with a few commands.