Cannot Clone Volume to Volume

Hi there,

I bought this software specifically to clone my existing Bootcamp volume to run from an external hard drive.

I now tried 4 different external disks and they all give me the same error: Block Size Mismatch.

What disk do I have to use to actually be able to copy Volume to Volume?

I then tried to create an image of my Bootcamp volume and restoring it to one of those disks, unfortunately, Winclone is not able to format any of them to NTFS.
Which seems strange as I can do that with any Windows PC and with my Mac too.

Please provide some help as this is very disappointing so far.

Thank you.

I recommend you save an image then restore it. Since your physical blocks sizes are different and it is very hard to find a 4096 physical blocks size external drive and enclosure, doing a save and then restore of a file-based winclone image should work fine.


Thank you for the suggestion, BUT, as I already wrote. I tried that and Winclone couldn’t format any of the hard disks.

This is pretty dissapointing.