Cannot configure iBeacon after iOS 11 launch using libbleu.a static library

Hi Team,

Since iOS 11 launch my iphone app is not able to configure the iBeacons via libbleu.a static library.
Same library is working good on iOS 10.
Can you provide the new library with the fix?


It is most likely related to a corrupt file. Try either switching to block based mode in the preferences or run CHKDSK /b on the volume in Windows.


Well I have been using 4 years back dated library. It was working good untill iOS 11 launch.
If anyone can provide the updated library of libbleu.a will do a trick for my app.

Sorry, it looks like responded to the wrong message. I got your message in our help system and responded there as well with a bunch of question. Let me know if you didn’t get it.