Cannot get sysprep to run, neither does restored winclone image start

been at this for nearly two weeks now and I’m looking for a simple fix. Sysprep may need a “rearm” since I’m getting Fatal Errors but I haven’t found a straightforward description or method of doing that which isn’t written in technobabble. Restored Windows produces the message “…ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’ll start for you”, but it never does.
This is far from the simple export / import type procedure I was hoping for.

Did you take a Winclone image prior to running sysprep? Is that image that you are trying to restore? Or is the error after rebooting from a failed sysprep?


In my case I was able to follow instructions from online to rearm and set my Regedit to 7. But Sysprep still gave me a fatal error. I also learned that my OS was out of date, so I’ve been trying to update that but for some reason it is taking days (not hours) to update from 10.9.5