Cannot load prior back up winclone file

Hello I’m trying to restore from a prior back up because I’m getting the blue screen of death on my windows partition. However, when I attempt to restore from the prior winclone image, its unable to load. I’ve done it before not sure why it’s not working. Do I have to reinstall everything from scratch?2018-12-10_03-44-21%20(1)

Does the dropdown menu show any items? What is the size of the Winclone image on disk?


Hello, thank you for your prompt response. When I attempt to press the drop-down button, there is no other option available. So, no, there’s no additional choices. The size of the image is about 22.5 GB even though the Windows 10 partition was about 107 GB. Not sure why this is highly condensed but I have restored in the past.

Are you using incremental backups as well? What changed from when you last restored with it?


Hello, I think I solved my issue already. I just reinstalled Windows because it was buggy anyway. I do appreciate your help, thanks.

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