Cannot start Win10 migrated by Winclone8.2 on MBA mid-2013

I need your help.
I have a MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid-2013) with macOS Catalina (10.15.5) and upgraded its internal SSD (512GB -> 960GB).
The macOS works well but I can’t start Bootcamp partition migrated by WInclone8.2 with WIM image of the previous Win10 Bootcamp partition working well.

The following error message is shown.

I tried the following procedures.

(1) Migrate Bootcamp to a New Mac With Winclone 8

(2) Restore Image With Winclone 8

(3) Resolving INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Error after restoring Winclone image

(4) Inject AppleSSD driver in Winclone 8.2

(5) “Make EFI Bootable” Command

Your advice would be highly appreciated.

Yasu Igano

I’ve spent about 2 days trying several different things to get Windows installed on an external SSD, and nothing has worked. I would be inclined to say that Winclone doesn’t work at all, if it wasn’t for managing to restore a Winclone image to an SSD that does boot to my old iMac.

However, for my new iMac - I’ve even done the most basic of procedures

  1. Install bootcamp on my internal SSD
  2. Run sys prep
  3. Make new Winclone file
  4. Restore to external SSD
  5. That bootcamp partition shows on my desktop but doesn’t appear as an option in the Startup Disk settings, and if I hold option when booting I see an option … something EFI - if I try booting to that I get the windows icon, a spinning dots, then it shuts down.

The restored image does not work in VMware Fusion either - if I try to create a virtual machine using that drive I get the following error:

Boot Camp volume preprocessing failed.
You may not be able to boot your Boot Camp volume as a virtual machine.

It’s not just Winclone that doesn’t work - I’ve tried various other tutorials using Virtual Box, WintoUSB, VMWare etc etc.

Annoyingly I have just bought an iMac with a 1TB SSD which doesn’t have enough space to also have Bootcamp on it. If I had known that I wouldn’t be able to get Winclone to work I would have ordered the 2TB SSD.

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The SSD driver that Winclone injects is for the Apple SSD. Doubtful that it would work with a 3rd party SSD. You would need a driver for that specific SSD and inject like this:

However, I would verify that Boot Camp even works with the SSD by installing via the Boot Camp Assistant to verify vanilla Windows even works with that SSD.


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