Cannot transfer from one SSD to another

My 500G hard drive ran out of space both on Windows and OSX. Got a 1T drive and made a 300G Windows partition and tried using Winclone standard. The OSX migration went smoothly without a problem but Windows partition did not show up (there was an EFI partition instead) and I got the message that the hard drive is inaccessible. Yes, I injected the driver when prompted. I saw an answer suggesting creating the clone using VMI but that’s not available in the standard edition. I spent some time opening and closing the mac to swap the ssd’s and tried to back up on different drive with the same result. I’m willing to try one more idea - can’t spent much more time on this. If it doesn’t work, I’m kindly asking for a refund.

Please submit a refund request here (I don’t have access to your purchase email in the forums):


Thank you very much for the quick response and action (I just saw a confirmation of the refund).


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