Cannot write to MBR

Hi there,

I am experiencing a trouble to reinstall the image. I have two partitions on my SSD on Mac mini 2012, and one for Mac and the other one for Windows boot camp.
I had been occasionally using the windows 10 boot camp on my Mac mini 2012, but it won’t start anymore when I tried to start up after a while. It says something like no operating system found when I select the windows volume at the boot select screen. My Mac partition works perfectly.

I still have the winclone image data that I made with winclone5 and cloned the current boot camp partition on my system, so I tried to reinstall this image to the current windows partition. Then, I got an error message saying Cannot write to MBR. The attached screenshot is the actual error message.

Does anybody get an idea?


I solved the problem by my own.
I didn’t check the “More Info” page, but all the information that I need was there.

Here is the link to the page.

Thank you.

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