Can't boot windows10 from bootcamp , bootcamp shows up in startup disk pane


OSX Catalina on macbook pro 2013 late retina
Windows 10 on Bootcamp partition ( bootable EFI )
bootcamp shows up in startup windows pane

what EFI type should I select in the profile ? or uninstall trial ?

Thank , Ben

Does Boot Runner screen show up on boot? Do you see a status box in the bottom right of the Login Window?


Boot runner didn’t show up on boot , only just before I got into login to OSX.

Is this app a boot manager ? or does it tell the OS what to boot on next reboot ?

I installed refind with SIP off for now and its working.

Windows10 is installed on a bootcamp partition with EFI boot
I have an external SSD that i use sometimes with Ubuntu so i need a boot manager
that loads on initial boot i think ?

I don’t remember seeing a status box on the bottom right. just one large OSX icon in the middle just before login to OSX and nothing else.

That is correct: Boot Runner runs over the Login Window.