Can't create a boot camp win 10 image to a external storage

I got a problem that can’t create an boot camp win 10 image to an external storage.
It showed an error message Status:46 that I don’t know what’s going on.
Anybody can help to solve this problem?

Thank you so much

Hunter Lee

I would suspect permissions. Try creating a folder and saving inside that folder on the external drive. Also, if it is not HFS+ (Mac) formatted, try using a Mac formatted volume.


I am not sure I can understand your meaning from your mail.

Of course the external storage was formatted as an OS X format.

And “permission” that you suspected, would you mind to give a description in advance what permission should be provided to your software?

I ordered the software from your side but it didn’t work as well as you mentioned so far, and the pop up screen also been captured and attached in the mail that I send you before. So please help me to solve the problem.


Hunter Lee

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The issue is that the image cannot be saved to the drive due to permissions. Can you try saving something else to the external drive and see if that works? You can also set “ignore ownership” on the external volume: