Can't get Boot Runner to work at all :(

Hi there.
I’ve been messing about with Boot Runner of and on for two days now (since I bought it), and I can’t seem to get it to do anything useful at all :frowning_face:.
I set up various systems, Boot Camp on external drive, a virtual (VM Ware Fusion) Win XP in my user folder, a virtual Win XP on an external drive, an OSX 10.10 (real) on external drive, etc.
The Boot Camp drive doesn’t even appear in the startup window, even though it boots perfectly if I choose it from startup whilst holding the options key.
ALL the virtual machines and the external El Capitan put up a password dialogue showing a right bracket in the user name and “Password” in the password field, with a spinner on top, preventing any sort of password to be entered. The correct account user and password were entered in the configuration screens. After a while, the spinner disappears and I am able to choose a different virtual machine, or my normal startup internal drive. This last option remains my only one, as all others fail.
I’m obviously doing something very wrong, but I can’t see what :neutral_face:
I’m running OSX Sierra 10.12.6.
Any pointers would be appreciated.

We just released Boot Runner 2.5.5. Can you update and see if it resolves your issue? You can download it here: