Can't Load Windows Suddenly | Option-Boot No Problem

Using BootRunner 3.3 on my 16" MBP (Catalina) - BootRunner loads fine. It will allow me to proceed into macOS without issue. The issue is that after using BootRunner for a couple of months, suddenly my Windows 10 (Bootcamp) option does nothing when I click on it or select it and then press enter.

There have been no significant changes that lead me to believe that something I did with the computer could be the reason I am having this problem.

I am still able to option-boot to Windows, and it loads normally.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled BootRunner. I also tried tweaking the profile to refer to specifically to “disk0s3” instead of the volume title “BOOTCAMP”. (And I installed the updated profile, of course.) Still, nothing happens when I choose Windows in BootRunner. It does chime if I repeatedly press enter (the macOS “you’ve reached a dead end” chime)

Windows has NEVER appeared as a startup disk in macOS preferences. I always thought this was strange, but it never had any effect on BootRunner.

Also, both OSs are on the same internal 1TB SSD.

I believe i answered this in an email you sent in by requesting the logs to look at it further.


I apologize -

I had already sent the email when I realized that I should have attempted to get an answer from the forum first. I was just trying to follow instructions.

Alex Sisk

All good. just didn’t want to leave a message in the forums unanswered :slight_smile: