Can't remove Boot Camp ISO Converter app

Your app worked great in splitting up the latest Windows 10 ISO image. I was able to then partition and install Windows10 on my Mac Mini 2018. However, your ISO converter is now auto-starting every time I boot MacOS. I don’t seem to be able to uninstall it. After quitting it using Activity Monitor, I cannot move the app to Trash from the Applications folder. It gives a message “The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found.
(Error code -43)”

Please help.

The app doesn’t install anything else and you should be able to just drag it to the trash. It is possible it got added to your login items (System Preferences->Login Items.


sorry, I missed something, what is Boot Camp ISO Converter app ?
a component of WinClone? a component of BootCamp Assistant?
3rd party utility?

found it

Thanks for your reply. Not sure what the problem was. When I went back and tried again, it moved to Trash with no problem.

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