Can't restore Winclone image to external drive

I am running Bootcamp on an external drive and made a Winclone image. When trying to restore, I first get a message it can’t write the BCD file. When I choose to skip the BCD part, it restores and gives a restore completed message after a few seconds. Although no error in the last part, Winclone didn’t restore anything.

Any ideas would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

The BCD error is related to not finding files after restoring. With external drives, this is usually due to a physical block mismatch. You can use the diskutil to find out the physical block size. For instance, disk0 is the internal disk and disk2 is a Samsung T3 USB-C drive I have hooked up:

tperfitt$ diskutil info disk0|grep 'Device Block Size’
Device Block Size: 4096 Bytes
tperfitt$ diskutil info disk2|grep 'Device Block Size’
Device Block Size: 512 Bytes

If this is the case, you should use file based / WIM imaging when migrating to the external drive.


I’m not migrating from the internal disk to an external one. The Bootcamp partition I made a backup from, was already on an external HD. I’m trying to restore to the same disk.

I can restore to a sparse image and WIM is by default enabled. I guess restoring the sparse image with diskutil doesn’t work?

So the Windows install is on the external drive, and you are restoring over it. You can restore the WIM image to a disk image but when you try and restore the image to the external drive, it fails. Is that correct? If so, please send me the logs via the app and I’ll dig a bit deeper and report back.


That is correct. In the meanwhile, I decided to take another route. I reinstalled the Windows partition from scratch and will use a Windows imaging program to make the backups. I asked a refund for Winclone.

Thanks for your reply!