Can't See Bootcamp after Upgrade to High Sierra

I’ve updated to High Sierra today and disabled SIP.
However, I can’t see my Bootcamp but I can see the Mac partition as well as the Restore partition.
Has anyone else experienced this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you verify that the boot camp partition has both a Windows folder at the top level as well as a system32 folder in the Windows folder?


Yes. Just verified that it has both.

Is there any suggestions that you guys may have? I’m on the latest version…its just not showing my bootcamp.

After you reboot the Mac, and go to the desktop, if you log out, does it then show your Windows volume?


No. It doesn’t show the windows volume after a restart, a shutdown, a log off or an anything. I’ve tested to make sure the partition is still there and it is. BootRunner is just not showing the drive…