Can't see my Windows10 external USB drive

Did all the steps to make windows Bootcamp partition from my real PC.

Created bootcamp windows partition on mac
Sysprep real PC HDD

Winclone 9 on BIg Sur can’t see my external USB drive (real pc hdd) but I can see it on Disk utilities as : WD virtual CD.

What do I do from here???


Can you post a screen shot of the “information” in disk utility?


Do I need Winclone 4??? as on your video.

I have everything figured out, turns out that for some reason that USB adapter for my HDD was the problem, it showed as a CD rom.
Used a different adapter an old one and slow, it took almost 24 hrs to create the image of a 600GB HDD.

Injected the drivers and my old Real PC was now on my mac.

I can say enough good things about this software, it just works GREAT!!!

Thank you.

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