Can't use Winclone as a backup in the case of hardware failure?

I just purchased WinClone. What I wanted was to be able to back up my bootcamp partition in case of:
a) Windows corruption / failure
b) Hardware failure of my Macbook

In case (b) it seems that WinClone will not help me, because of the Catch 22 that I need to run Sysprep before creating the image. But I don’t want to Sysprep my perfectly good Windows 10 installation, because it will probably ruin it right?

If I’ve got this wrong, please correct me. What would be the procedure to create a backup image of my bootcamp partition that I can restore to a different Mac without having to Sysprep (ruin?) my current Windows 10 installation?

You do not need to run sysprep if you are going to be restoring to the same mac.


Thanks Tim, I understand that. My question is: is there anything I can do to restore to a different Mac in the case of sudden hardware failure of my first Mac?

If you have a sudden hardware failure and restore the Windows partition with the Winclone image and it won’t boot, you can start directly from the Boot Camp partition with VMWare and it will get you back working. You can then work on migrating the data or injecting the drivers at a later date.