Carbon copy winclone integration

When I purchased the Winclone upgrade, I thought there was a blurb about Winclone integration or function with Carbon Copy. I have not found anything more about that. Is there any integration?

Not currently. Can you give me an idea on what you would like to see?


Sorry, I thought I saw something in the email when I upgraded. It would be nice to use CC to backup and restore the two canoesWinCloneOn another topic, a few years ago, I used Winclone to restore an image from a MacBook to a MacBook Pro. Now my current 2009 MacBook has died. My plan is to restore the hard drive to a MacBook Pro mid 2012 with Carbon Copy. I think that part will ok, but then I will have to move the Winclone Win 7 image to the new MacBook. My documentation from the last move is on the broken MacBook. Can you point me to documentation where it talks about how to do this. Since there will be newer hardware, I believe there was a special way I had to do it then so that I could load new drivers. Once I have a CC copy of my system on the newer MacBook, I will find the email with my update info for Winclone. Once that has been updated, I willtry access the old hard drive to move the Winclone image to the new hard drive. do you have any suggestions?
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This is a good place to start:


My old macbook pro died in September. I have finally gotten a replacement machine, mid 2012 macbook pro 13. I just finished restoring from my old hard drive and am ready to restore the windows partition. I currently have Winclone 3.7 installed, but in November purchased an upgrade to Winclone. Because my windows is 7 32 bit, I would like to get Winclone 4 instead of the current version. How do I get that? El Capitan. I use Windows for my taxes, so would like to leave it as Win 7 32 bit for the time being, which prevents me from going beyond El Capitan. After I have finished my taxes and my kids, I will look at either converting Win 7 to 64 bit or going to Win 10. Personally, I used Win 10 for the last year at work and was not impressed.

A couple of years ago, I used Winclone 3.7 to migrate from a Macbook white to a Macbook Pro 2009. Now I want to use it again to migrate to the Macbook pro mid 2012. I vaguely remember the last time I had to do a special process because there were different drivers required due to the new hardware. I assume I will have to do that again. So far I have not found the email stream describing that process. Can you please point me to information describing the steps I have to go through and also tell me how to get to Winclone 4. I just partitioned the hard drive to create an MS Dos FAT partition 2 GB larger than the old one for Bootcamp. I hope that is correct as a starting point. Since I did not use the boot camp code, is there anything I need from Bootcamp or should I start over using it. Thank you

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You can download legacy versions here: