Catalina bootcap win7

I have a retina MBP at the end of 2013, I have made a BOOTCAP image and everything is perfect, when restoring the image according to video in a new 2TB ssd disk, win7 does not start.
macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Is this an OWC drive? I would install Windows via Boot Camp on it to see if it supports booting Windows.


I do not have OWC I have sabrent 2Tb and when I install by bootcap it only leaves me win 10 not win 7

Saludos cordiales

Hi Tim,
What ssd disk for my late 2013 2TB MBP do you recommend to install including bootcamp with win7?
And do not have problems to make the Imagen -restore with winclone 8
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Antonio morales

Sorry I have late 2013 MBP with 512GB SSD

Do you mean for an internal drive replacement? It really comes down to finding the correct driver to inject. You can inject drivers using this process:


Thank you very much for the answer, could you tell me which 2TB ssd disk would be recommended for my MBP end 2013?

The initial answer was poor if not worse.
OWC drives, Samsung SSD drives, etc all are 100% compatible with MACBOOK Pro 2013.

TwoCanoes may have incomplete or problematic software but those SSD drives work fine.

" you can inject basic drivers into the Winclone image using the DISM command line tool in Windows 10. "

He’s asking about WIN7.