Catalina upgraded ... won't boot into Boot Runner startup menu


I upgraded my Apple Mac Pro from Mojave to Catalina.

how can i be sure that the Boot Runner will load after Mac boots up? I did uninstalled and reinstalled no luck

is there any changes to EFI required? and I don’t see where it allows the Mac to accept full disk access as well. Right now the only option is to switch between windows 10 and catalina is use option button

any help is appreciated !!!

Thank you

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Please try this beta and see if it resolves. We are about read to release it:


Thank you for sharing that application. Will others get emails about updates for Catalina that is not Beta version in distant future when it modified and ready to be released? For previous customers … is it free or have to be upgrade purchase for discount price?

Thank you again!

yes, we send out an email when a new version is posted to our mailing list.