Certificate Request for Employees through admin

Hi there,

we’re looking for a tool to help us out of a bad situation. In the past we used an macOS based intel-machine with a virtual windows-machine to get our local PKI certificates on the Yubikeys of our staff. Therefore we used the right-click > Certificates > All Tasks > Advanced Operations > Register on behalf of ((not sure if that is translated correctly)) on that virtual certificate enrolment machine. We did this twice, so that both parts of the certificate where installed on the Yubikey. Since our admins are on M1 Apple Silicon MacBooks we’re not able to do this anymore.

My idea was to use your software “Certificate Request” for this … but we didn’t get it to work.
First question: is it possible to request certificates for someone else but yourself? How do we have to configure the settings of certificate request … would be absolutely kind if you could help us out here … At the Moment we tried your tutorials but it doesn’t work.

All the best from Germany, Jens