Certificate Request For MacOS 10.11.x

Is there a version of [Certificate Request that will install and run on MacOS 10.11.x???
If yes, can you point me to the download??
And will the current license that I have work with it?

not sure. it could, but we don’t usually go back that far. Why the need for 10.11?

Thank You for taking some time to answer.

I work for a school district. Although we do have some newer Mac’s in the district we still have tons, and I do mean TONS, of older Macs. In fact my work iMac is stuck at 10.11.x as in it can NOT be upgraded higher. I bought a copy of Certificate Request using my own funds hoping to test it out. BUT, I somehow missed the fact that it needs a newer OS X version.

On another note. I went back and reviewed the pricing for CR and although I appreciate the programing effort that went into creating it I can’t see the district paying for hundreds of licenses for a one trick pony App. Unless I’m missing something. Once CR has done it’s trick there isn’t a need to run it again.

Best Regards,

-Ray Fleischmann-

thanks for the feedback.