Certificates – install and set to 'always trust'

Hi @tperfitt,
is there a detailed tutorial how to deploy certificates and set them to always trust? I’m looking for a sample script & how/where to put what (with “resources” (copy_folder_to_test_user_desktop.sh) etc.)


Apple has removed the ability to trust certificates using scripting in Big Sur and later. What version of macOS are you using?


I’m starting to deploy Big Sur but most of the machines are currently Catalina. Is there a workflow for Catalina?

I don’t have a step by step guide, but the overall process is this:

  1. Add the certificates to the Resources folder as a subfolder to the select Scripts folder.
  2. In the scripts folder, create a script that imports and then trusts them in the root store:

Note that you do not need to use sudo since the script runs as root.