Changing Harddrive Bay on a Mac Pro 5.1

Hey there!

Here is the situation right now: Inside my Mac Pro I have 4 Harddrives installed:

Bay 1: APFS SSD with MacOS Mojave (My main system)
Bay 2: APFS HDD Storage Harddrive
Bay 3: NTFS HDD Storage Harddrive
Bay 4: NTFS HDD with Windows 10 (legacy boot)

My plan is to get rid of all the HDDs (= put them into an external case) and move the windows system to a SSD in bay 2.

Now, I haven’t bought the SSD yet, but I do see the following problem:
When I take out all the HDDs and put the Windows system into Bay 2, Windows is unable to boot. I just see a black screen with a blinking underscore. The same happens when I leave it in Bay 4 and just pull out one or two of the other HDDs. My guess is that legacy boot always expects Windows to be on the 4th installed harddrive.

So I tried to make it bootable with Winclone (had to disable Hibernate so read/write would work), but I get an error message saying “Change Bootable error - Winclone could not find disk uuid and partition uuid”.

My Question is… Is there any way to move Windows to another Bay (and potentially to SSD) without reinstalling Windows?

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I had not heard that moving between bays caused Windows to become unbootable. This makes it seem related to drive letters: