Clone bootcamp from external SSD

  I crashed my old MacBook Pro and purchased a new one.  I removed the SSD from the old machine which includes the BootCamp "partition".   I installed the SSD in an external USB drive and can access the files with Mac Disk Utility and directly in Finder.  I've already migrated my MacOS but I now need my BootCamp.
 Can I create a clone without having the old machine since it's trashed? 
 Note I am now running Navajo and BootCamp is Windows 10.  The old machine was High Sierra and Windows 7.

Yes, Winclone 7 supports this both for creating an image from the external drive and for doing volume to volume migration.


Hi Tim,
Well I’ve gotten closer. I cloned my external drive so I would have an original copy. I tried to do a Sysprep but could not because the Windows 10 I was running on the new Mac would not run on the older Windows 7 program. I tried to do a Sysprep from the Windows 7 drive but it failed being an older version. So I tried to just restore the original image. I had to disable the SIP in Mac Navajo. Now the BootCamp drive does not show up during boot up.
I checked using disc utility and the drive is there, but I cannot boot to it.
Next thoughts?

Please try with the most recent Winclone 7.2. It resolves some legacy booting issues.


Hi Tim,
I’m currently using 7.3.2. One suggestion I found was go “make EFI bootable”. So I tried it and the windows option shows up during the boot process, but I just get the black screen. I let it stand for a couple hours but nothing. Should I set it to legacy boot? I see the option for EFI and Legacy boot in the tools. I noticed to make legacy bootable I’ll have to turn off the SIP.

I changed the system to Legacy boot and the BootCamp Boot option does not even appear on the Alt boot. I reset to EFI boot and the BootCamp option comes up. When I select it everything goes blank. I looked carefully and the computer and screen are on but just black. I let the computer sit for hours and it still does not boot.
Any next suggestions?

Did you try booting up using something like VMWare Fusion? That would verify Windows is all there and data was restored properly.


Tim, I tried Parallels but not VMWare Fusion. I still have one more trick up my sleeve but I’ll definitely look into VMWare Fusion more. Thanks and have a great New Year.

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