Clone/copy dual boot Macook, MacOS & Windows partition

Hi Experts,

Is there a possibility to clone my entire dual boot partition (MacOS and Bootcamp/Windows) on my macbook?

I want to upgrade my 512 SSD to 1TB SSD and wish I could copy/clone/image the entire disk incl. dual boot and programs/ data to the new SSD.


Winclone only clones the Boot Camp partition. I recommend checking out Carbon Copy CLoner for the Mac side:


Oke so Winclone for Boot Camp Partition (Windows) and Carbon Copy CLoner for Mac Site?
I am thinking of attatching the new SSD via an external attatchement to the PC and Clone the Mac site and then make a partition and clone the Bootcamp Parttition, in that way the external ssd is already ready and only need to swap the ssd’s. Do you think that works?

yes, that should work.