Clone MBP 16 Bootcamp Partition to SSD

Hi all,

I have been trying to run Windows from an external Thunderbolt SSD drive by cloning my bootcamp partition to it - on a new MacBook Pro 16 inch. I have followed the tutorials of first taking my bootcamp partition and creating an image with WinClone 8, and then I restored it to the properly formatted (ExFAT) External thunderbolt SSD.

Upon booting to this drive, labelled EFI, and of course disabling the security on the Mac, allowing me to boot from an external drive, I am getting the “Inaccessable boot device” error.

However, when I do the workaround and use my USB key to inject the bootcamp drivers into the external SSD bootcamp drive, and install them using winclonefix.bat, it doesn’t change the “inaccessible boot device error.” ((Using this guide)

Has anyone gotten this to work correctly?

I have the same problem, but with the build in ssd. After starting the winclonefix.bat there is the message (translated from german) Error 21; cannot access the image, be sure the path of the windows directory of the image is present and you have the permission for this folder.

It sounds like the drive didn’t have the AppleSSD driver injected to the external drive. Can you see if you have access to the X:, C: and D: drives when booted from the external USB drive?